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A school trip to the Christmas markets is not just a festive, end-of-term treat, it could really get your students talking! This is a really popular option for a short languages trip, as students are able to practise their language skills in a warm, welcoming setting, where they’ll be encouraged to just get stuck in and have a go!

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Christmas markets school trips abroad

Every year, many cities throughout France, Germany and Belgium host traditional Christmas markets.

These Christmas markets present a wonderful opportunity for your students to experience local traditions and practise their language skills in a fun, relaxed setting. Your students will relish the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of the Christmas markets.

We run school trips to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe, where your students will not only enjoy some unforgettable speaking and listening practice, but where they’ll also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture.

In France, our most popular destinations are Lille and Strasbourg, while in Germany there are a wide range of choices, from the rich history of Aachen to the variety offered by Cologne.

And, as well as visiting the Christmas markets, we can also include some carefully chosen activities to help you encourage your students to keep using their language skills to discover more about the local culture.

The great thing about Christmas market school trips is that they’re short but sweet. You won’t need staff and students to take too much time away from school, but the benefits for the students will be invaluable.

For a day trip to the Christmas markets, we would recommend Lille or Aachen. For longer trips of 2-4 days, you might like to consider Amiens and Arras, Strasbourg, Cologne or Berlin.

Why arrange a Christmas markets school trip?

A festive treat!

A Christmas markets school trip makes for a great end-of-term treat for both staff and students.

Christmas is a really wonderful time to discover another culture, as every country has its own festive traditions. The Christmas market is a tradition shared by France, Germany and Belgium, which offers visitors the opportunity to explore the delicious treats available at this time of year, as well as some of the traditional gifts and decorations.

As well as being packed full of educational value, your Christmas markets school trip is an excellent opportunity for students and staff to relax and develop their relationships through shared experiences, leading to a better learning environment once you get back in the classroom after the holidays!

Great for their speaking skills!

Christmas market school trips are undoubtedly a great festive treat for students and staff. But they are, primarily, an opportunity to get students speaking French or German with native speakers.

You could set them shopping tasks to encourage them to strike up conversations with the friendly stallholders. You could even ask them to interview a few locals about how they celebrate Christmas - something which you could develop into a larger lesson or project once you get back to school.

As well as visiting the Christmas markets themselves, we can also arrange a number of other visits and activities in each of our destinations, from visits to chocolatiers and other food producers to museums where students can learn more about 20th century history.

Whatever you choose to do on your Christmas markets school trip, your students will have plenty of opportunity to practise their language skills and develop their intercultural understanding. They’ll feel more confident once you’re back in the classroom and they may even develop a lifelong passion for the country, its culture and its language!

Enjoy the trip as much as your students

Originally founded by former teachers, and with many former teachers still among us, we understand the value of Christmas school trips and how to make them successful.

Your trip will be completely tailor made, to ensure that it meets your specific requirements and learning objectives. And we’ll be on hand throughout the process to answer any questions you have.

In fact, we’ll be with you every step of the way, from now until you return home at the end of your trip. While abroad, you’ll be able to reach us with just one phone call, at any time of the day or night. And, with this comprehensive level of support while you’re away, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy experiencing the Christmas markets as much as your students.

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Christmas Markets activities that your school group will love

Aquazoo - Löbbecke Museum

The Löbbecke Museum and Aquarium is home to over 550 species of fish, reptiles, mammals and insects. Containing 80 aquariums,

Sightseeing Tour

Take a walking tour through Düsseldorf's old town. Walk past the stream which gave the city its name, the 'Düssel',

Council of Europe

Since it was founded in 1949, the principal purpose of the Council of Europe has been to bring together all

European Court of Human Rights

Visitors have the opportunity of viewing a public hearing at the European Court of Human Rights (private hearings are only

European Parliament

The European Parliament is the only directly-elected body of the European Union and the 736 members are elected every 5

Checkpoint Charlie Museum

During the lifetime of the Berlin Wall, this was the only way for non-Germans to cross from one half of

The Story of Berlin

The Story of Berlin is a multimedia exhibition with over 20 themed rooms that let you experience 800 years of

Cologne City Museum

The Kölnisches Stadtmuseum is set in a large old building with exhibition space of 2,000 sq. metres and provides an

Olympic and Sport Museum

Next door to the Chocolate Museum, this museum tells the story of the Olympic Games from ancient Greece to the

Roman-Germanic Museum

The Roman mosaic with scenes from the world of Dionysos (around 220/230 A.D.) and the reconstructed tomb of the legionary

Centre Charlemagne

The Centre Charlemagne is locatedin the heart of Aachen. This fantastic museum explores the history of Aachen, Charlemagne's imperial city

Charles de Gaulle's Birthplace and Museum

Charles de Gaulle was born in Lille on November 22nd 1890, in the house of his maternal grandparents at 9

The Resistance Museum

The Resistance Museum is located in an ancient fortified castle, built between 1878 and 1882, that was part of the

Memling Museum

The St. John’s Hospital (now Memling in Sint-Jan Hospital Museum) is one of the oldest preserved hospital buildings in Europe.

Valkenburg Christmas Market

Valkenburg's annual Christmas Market is held in an underground grotto. Many hundreds of thousands of visitors have already passed through

Boulangerie Le Fournil

The charismatic baker will tell your students about his work – in French, of course! He will demonstrate some of

Chocolats de Beussent

Enjoy a tour of this fantastic local chocolate factory.

Somme 1916 Museum

From the ninth to the sixteenth centuries, the people of Albert, like many in the region, got used to hiding

Wellington Quarry

Beneath the streets of Arras lie impressive chalk quarries which date back to the Middle Ages. In 1914, Arras was

Cosmo Bowling

With thirty modern lanes, bowling is a popular break for our school groups - why not take an evening out

Düsseldorf Christmas Market

Düsseldorf's annual Christmas market draws visitors from all over Germany as well as from neighbouring countries. The specialities on offer

Ice Skating

Ice skating is always a popular activity and is fun for all ages. Why not make an afternoon or evening

KD Boat Cruise

Soak up the Christmas atmosphere on board a cruise ship! Cruise around Düsseldorf during the festive period for either an

Rhine Tower

The Rheinturm tower, used for telecommunications, stands at 240.5 metres tall and is located close to the city centre. Visitors

Swimming - Freizeitbad Düsselstrand

This indoor swimming pool is an ideal evening activity. Consisting of a modern 25 metre pool with a children's pool,


All on board for the most popular tourist attraction in Strasbourg! Take a trip on the river around Strasbourg to

Eglise St Thomas

Magnificient protestant church located in the centre of Strasbourg. It is named "the lady cathedral". The church has large cultural

Guided Tour of Strasbourg

There is much to see and do in the beautiful city of Strasbourg including the Grande Ile, which is classified

Le Palais du Pain d’Epices (Gingerbread Factory)

During your visit, you will be taken on a journey of discovery through the world of Gingerbread. On theinteractive trail,

Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral de Notre-Dame is known as one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in Europe and most definitely awe-inspiring.The

Berlin Christmas Market

The Christmas Markets in Berlin are renowned for their metropolitan flair and, as a result, often have an edgier, more

Berliner Fernsehturm (TV Tower)

Visible from almost any point in the city, the television tower was a flagship of east German architecture. From its

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate was commissioned by Friedrich Wilhelm II to represent peace. Designed by Karl Gotthard Langhans, the Court Superintendent

East Side Gallery

The longest surviving section of the Wall that once divided the city, this half-mile stretch along the bank of the

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis Kirche

Built to commemorate Germany’s first Kaiser and gutted by bombing in 1943, this church’s spire, "der Hohle Zahn" ("the hollow


Known to the people of Berlin as Ku'damm, this broad alley which cuts a swate through the West Berlin is

Potsdamer Platz

In the years since German reunification Potsdamer Platz has made a transformation from a swathe of no man's land abutting

Ritter Chocolate Workshop

Visit the capital of German chocolate in Berlin and create your own Ritter chocolate, from choosing the ingredients to designing

Chocolate Museum (Imhoff-Stollwerck)

Quite simply this is one of the best attractions in Cologne! The first part of the exhibition is a history

Cologne Cathedral

Köln Cathedral took more than six hundred years to build, but when it was finally completed in 1880 it was

Cologne Christmas Market

Every year during the Christmas period people from countries far and wide are enticed by the radiance and festivity of

Hard Rock Cafe Cologne

The Hard Rock Cafe Cologne opened in 2003 and was a welcome addition to the city. Try it for some

Köln-Düsseldorfer (KD) Boat Trip

Köln-Düsseldorfer Line’s river cruises offer a unique perspective on two of Germany’s most scenic river valleys. Most towns and villages


Phantasialand is one of Europe’s top entertainment parks. Situated in Brühl near Cologne, in the heart of the Rhineland, it

Aachen Cathedral & Treasury

Built in the ninth century by the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, Aachen's cathedral has been the focus of the city's

Aachen Christmas Market

Held in the market place in the shadow of the ancient cathedral, Aachen's annual Christmas market draws visitors from all

Café van den Daele-Kockartz

Located in a historic building in the heart of Aachen, this cafe serves traditional, hearty German breakfasts as well as

Elizabeth Halle Swimming

Aachen's original 1920's Jugendstil indoor swimming pool is another popular choice for school groups. There are two separate pools which

Guided Tour of Aachen

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides from Aachen's tourist office will give you an insider's view of the medieval heart of their

Lindt Chocolate Factory Outlet

Why not stock up on delicious Germanchocolates on your visit to Aachen? The Lindtfactory shop sells this high quality chocolate


Lille may be Capital of Culture, but it's long been a capital of shopping! Indulge in some retail therapy at

Guided Tour of Lille

From Grand'Place to the Palais Rihour, discover the architectural heritage of Europe's Capital of Culture (2004) with guides from Lille

La Gaufre du Pays Flamand

An old fashioned waffle-maker where each visitor leaves with a packet of brown sugar or violet waffles. The visit also

Lille Christmas Market

Lille is the perfect place to experience the authentic and magical atmosphere of a traditional Christmas market. The city hosts

P&J Calais

Before you return home, make sure you stop at P&J Calais, to stock up on handmade Belgian chocolates!Chocolate workshops and

Shopping in Lille

From its rich merchant past Lille has retained a real commercial tradition. Here, shopping is a reflection of the northern

Belfry of Bruges

One of the city's most prominent symbols, the Belfry formerly housed a treasury and the municipal archives, and served as

De Halve Maan Brewery

The museum offers the unique opportunity to discover the old traditional brewing methods in Bruges. Daily guided tours allow you

Horse and Carriage Ride Bruges

See this beautiful city in style with a 35 minute horse drawn carriage ride which takes you around the main

Roose's Chocolate World

On arrival, charming and professional shop assistants will lead your group to the demonstration area where they will see pralines

Wilhelminatoren (Tower)

This magnificent tower which was built in 1906, offers fabulous views of the whole of the Southern Limburg Province. On

Guided Tour of Old Amiens

During this Guided Tour, you will discover the city’s monuments and history. After a brief introduction in front of the

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