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Our resources provide additional information to complement your trips and classes, and empower your students to take on the world!

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Why Are School Trips Important?

Finding yourself having to justify wanting to run a school trip? We're here to help (and we've got a free presentation for you to download too). 

A Comparison of Life in East and West Berlin - Posters

Download these FREE classroom posters designed to help your students understand the differences between life in East and West Berlin!

How Do We Remember WW1? Poster

Download this poster to help your students better understand the symbols of remembrance of WW1!

European Day of Languages Map Poster

Celebrate European Day of Languages in your classroom - download this free map designed to showcase the incredible linguistic diversity of Europe!

5 Reasons to Study Music

Download this free classroom poster to show your students some of the great reasons to study music!

5 Reasons to Study PE

Download this free poster to show your students some of the incredible reasons to study PE!

5 Reasons to Study Geography

Encourage more of your students to choose geography with this free poster!

5 Reasons to Study History

Download this free poster showing your students five great reasons to study history!

5 Reasons to Study Languages

Download this free classroom poster to show your students 5 great reasons to study languages!

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