Halsbury music 
group types

Whether you’re a band, choir, orchestra or adult ensemble, your music tour will be completely designed around you. But if you’re struggling for inspiration, we’ve picked some of our fave destinations for each group type to get you started.


Our background may be in school tours, but we actually arrange almost as many adult music tours. So, we know you’re going to want to stay in nice hotel. And you’ll want to enjoy some more adult activities (like wine tasting and visits to the opera or ballet, for example).


Dream of performing in some of the world’s most impressive concert halls in cities famous for their contribution to Classical music? Dream no more – we’ll make it a reality for your orchestra.


Sing your hearts out in spectacular cathedrals or lively town squares. Wherever you go, and whatever you sing, we’ll make sure there’s an appreciative audience waiting to hear you.


Brass, jazz, swing or marching, we have some great tour options for your band. Perform in charismatic bandstands in beautiful parks, or take centre stage at a local festival – the opportunities are endless.