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New language. New culture. New student.
The best way to learn a language? Go to where it’s spoken.
You know there’s no such thing as ‘just’ a school trip. Show your students a world beyond their classroom and you’re doing more than boosting their language skills – you’re sparking a passion for new experiences.

We offer languages school trips for students studying French, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin, in countries where those languages are spoken natively.

This allows students to be totally immersed in the language and gives them the exciting opportunity to explore the culture through their language skills, which is something that even the very best teacher is unable to fully replicate in the classroom.

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Languages School Trips Abroad

Spanish. French. German. Italian. Or even Mandarin. Whatever language your students are learning, we’ll help you take them to a country where it’s spoken, so that they can experience it ‘in the wild’.
When it comes to MFL school trips abroad, we group them into two distinct categories – Language Culture Trips and Language Study Trips.

But what’s the difference?

Well, a Language Culture Trip combines sightseeing and cultural activities to offer a taster of the target language in its natural environment. This type of trip can be arranged pretty much anywhere, from Barcelona to the Black Forest, and Beijing to Brussels.
Language Study Trips involve plenty of sightseeing and cultural activities too. But they also include lessons at a specialist language school. These total immersion experiences are ideal for groups preparing for exams.
All the language schools we work with offer lessons in closed groups, taught by fully-qualified native speakers. You’ll be able to chat to the language school teachers about lesson content ahead of your trip, so you can be sure your students will cover everything you want them to.
In some destinations we can offer host family accommodation, which is a great alternative to the traditional exchange. This is a service offered by the language schools who have a dedicated Accommodations Officer. They know all the hosts well and regularly check that the accommodation offered is suitable for students to stay in.
We only offer host family accommodation in destinations where hosts are police checked – but don’t worry if you’re not keen on the idea, other accommodation options are always available too.
Some of our most popular Language Study Trip destinations include Salamanca, Nice and Cologne.

Why Arrange a Languages School Trip?

Languages school trips abroad have two massive effects on kids. Firstly, they obviously give their language skills a huge boost – after all, they’ll be forced to speak, hear and read the target language. This really helps them to get past the cringe factor – trust us, you’ll notice their newfound confidence once you’re back in the classroom.
Secondly, it’ll give them experience of life in a non-Anglophone country, sparking an interest in travel and other cultures that’ll make them more culturally curious.
All this will help them to understand why they’re learning a foreign language in the first place. Practical experience of how speaking the local lingo offers you a richer experience (and a far warmer reception from the locals) could even help boost take-up of MFL at GCSE and A-Level, making your trip a savvy departmental investment.

Why choose us for your languages school trip? Well, we’ll work our socks off to make sure that you’re able to enjoy the trip as much as the kids. It doesn’t need to take over your (already very busy) life – and we’ll make sure it doesn't.

School French Culture Trip to Paris

Inspire your French students with an unforgettable French culture school trip to the elegant and exciting capital, Paris!


School French Culture Trip to Nice

Give your students an unforgettable introduction to France on the spectacular French Riviera with a French school trip to Nice!


School French Culture 3-Day Trip to the Opal Coast

A French school trip to the Opal Coast is the perfect introduction to the French language and culture!


School French Culture Trip to Normandy

With short journey times from the UK, historic Normandy is the ideal destination for a French school trip to discover the French culture!


School French Culture Trip to Brussels and Walibi World

Visit the spectacular city of Brussels to give your students an exciting experience of French outside of France!


School French Culture Trip to Paris & Parc Asterix

On a French school trip to Paris & Parc Asterix, your students will explore the exciting capital and meet a cultural icon!


School French Culture Trip to Futuroscope & the Loire Valley

Explore modern and historic France on a French school trip to Futuroscope theme park and the châteaux of the Loire Valley!


School French Culture Trip to the Opal Coast

The short journey times and incredible range of cultural activities available make the Opal Coast ideal for a French school trip!


School French Culture Trip to Disneyland & Paris

Open your students’ eyes to the magic of the French language and culture with a French school trip to Paris and Disneyland® Paris!


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