Hornsea School and Language College's Trip to Sorrento

School / Group

Hornsea School and Language College

Teacher / Group Leader

Helen Saltmarsh



What was your main objective for this trip?

To understand the social, environmental and economic benefits and challenges of living in a volcanic region. 

Why did you choose this destination?

Italy is a high-income country, like the UK, and allows students to experience life as we know it, but with the added knowledge of living in a volcanic region. Italy is close by and a beautiful country to enjoy. 

Can you briefly describe the visits and activities you participated in during this trip?

On day 1, we visited the Herculaneum archaeological site. 

On day 2, we hiked up to the crater of Mt. Vesuvius and enjoyed a tour of the Roman city of Pompeii to compare the effects of the eruption of 79AD on both cities. 

On our final day, we enjoyed a guided tour of Sorrento itself. We followed this with a visit to a local mozzarella farm, which included lunch. Later, we enjoyed a tour and tasting at a local limoncello orchard. 

Why did you choose these visits and activities?

The chance to see a volcano up close is fascinating and really allows the students to see the scale of this natural feature. And the archaeological sites really tell a story of how the region once was before the eruption of 79AD. 

What will be your lasting memories of this trip?

All of the students loved the evening in Sorrento town square, where they danced with locals and expressed how much they didn't want to go home. 

The food was incredible and even the 'picky eaters' enjoyed everything we ate. 

And Herculaneum and Pompeii are always a highlight!

Why did you choose Halsbury for this trip?

We have used Halsbury for our Iceland trips and they have always gone above and beyond with the itinerary. Never disappointed!

How would you describe the experience of working with Halsbury on this trip?

Leonardo, our Itinerary Coordinator, was outstanding! He kept in touch throughout our trip right down to the timings and even changed plans immediately when the weather ruined our plans for day 3. 

Would you recommend Halsbury to your friends and colleagues?

Absolutely! For the three trips abroad I have taken, the itinerary has been faultless. Every member of the groups I've taken has loved every trip.