04 June 2024

Do We Look a Little Different to You?

We've refreshed our look - find out why and what it all means right here.

We hope you like it.

We felt like we needed a new look – after all, we’d been rocking the same one for a couple of decades.

We wanted something that reflected our journey and how we’ve grown.

We also wanted something that celebrates those core values that you tell us over and over you connect with Halsbury.

We’ll dive deeper into our new look below. But first, we need to point out that we’re the same bunch of people who’ll continue to build your trips the way you want, with your students prioritised.

Moving forward, we’ll be looking for new and exciting ways to offer you even more impactful trips, with innovative ways to reduce your workload further.

And our new look lays the groundwork for this.

Why now?

As you know, we were started by a former teacher who wanted to make life easier for his colleagues when arranging school trips. And he ran Halsbury (with the help of his family) for more than 30 years.

In 2022, we welcomed Literacy Capital on board as our new owners.

This always felt like a comfortable fit for us. Literacy Capital aren’t your average investment firm – they have a unique charitable objective to advance the education of kids in the UK by promoting and supporting literacy (donating millions to literacy charities like BookMark since their creation in 2017).

We’re really proud of our heritage. But we’re also really excited about the future. This change of ownership allowed us to start looking towards the future and how we could transform the world of school trips.

Our new look reflects this new focus.


It was super important for us that this process wasn’t just about changing a few colours and designing a funky new logo – it all needed to mean something.

We spent a long time speaking to customers and staff to discover what Halsbury was to them. And to learn what we could be for them in the future.

Before we made any changes to how we looked, we spent time considering our reason for being, our core values and how we show up for you, our customers.

You told us that you felt we were authentic, so you could trust our advice.

And we worked with you as part of a team to create a trip that worked for your group (rather than just trying to sell you any old ‘off the peg’ trip).

We’re school travel specialists. And we exist to open the door to defining moments in young peoples’ lives, as they explore a world of learning, their way.

Our new look, the way we sound – all of this has been refreshed to reflect exactly this.

What's going to be different?

Wherever you come across Halsbury, you’ll notice that we look and sound a little bit different.

One of the most noticeable differences is our website. We’ve completely redesigned it to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

You’ll also notice we have a new logo. You might remember that our previous logo featured a foot and a globe, representing how we’d be with you every step of the way.

Our new logo represents a whole lot more. If you look a little closer, you’ll see that the ‘Halsbury’ part of our new logo is a continuous line. It’s the journey we’ve been on as a company. And it’s the journeys we’ve been on (and the ones we’ll go on) together on your school trips.

And we’ve embraced a new colour palette, full of brave and bold colours.

They reflect our people, who are all good-natured, respectful and interact with our customers on a human level.

They reflect our aspirations to transform the school travel industry.

And they reflect our belief in the transformative power of learning in real life.

We even have a new tagline – learning that takes on the world. This reflects the transformative power of school trips and the fact that when you partner with Halsbury, you know we have your back, so your students can take on the world.

What will be the same?

While lots will be different, the way we care for your groups and your trips will be the same. We’ll still devote hours, weeks, even months to getting your trip right for you and your students.

And we’ll still be doing everything we can to lighten your workload.

In fact, there’ll be some exciting new developments in the near future that should make a massive difference to how you plan your trips (so, keep your eyes peeled for these).

In short…

We’ve had this refresh to ready ourselves for the future of school trips, which we want to be the driving force behind.

We’ve been so excited to show you our new look - it’s been a long journey for us. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

We’d love to hear what you think about our new look – please feel free to send us your thoughts or questions to marketing@halsbury.com.