School Music Tours for Bands, Choirs & Orchestras
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Our Music Tours Specialists are passionate about music and educational travel. With over 25 years’ experience in arranging music tours for a range of ensembles, from school bands to sacred choirs and all in between, they will work closely with you to create the perfect tour for your group’s requirements.

Delphine Lock

Head of Music Tours

“My favourite travel memory has to be when I watched 200 young singers perform at Disneyland Paris as part of a festival that I organised. I love creating inspirational music tours which allow young people to experience other cultures through music.”

A former pianist and ballerina, Delphine hails from France, but has been living in the UK for over 15 years. Passionate about music and travel from a young age, Delphine has been working in music travel since her arrival in the UK.

Delphine’s role includes developing our music tours, liaising with group leaders and visiting schools and local communities, to advise on the music opportunities that Halsbury offers. A native French speaker, Delphine also speaks fluent English, Spanish and some German, and has visited most of our destinations and has established excellent relationships with local accommodation providers and performance venues.

Chris Stacey

Music Tour Coordinator

“We provide experiences that create memories and I really enjoy being able to offer these opportunities to young musicians. Of course, another perk of the job is being able to visit all the destinations that we offer!”

After completing his degree in Tourism Management, Chris spent 6 months travelling South America extensively. Little did he know that a chance encounter with a British youth orchestra performing in a local town would change his life! Chris was so impressed with the experience of the young musicians, who had travelled the length and breadth of Chile performing to local audiences, that 4 months later he began work in the travel industry, specialising in concert tours. Over a decade later, Chris still thrives on helping up-and-coming musicians experience the thrill of performing abroad.

The first point of contact for group leaders, Chris works closely with them to put together tailor-made music tours which take into account all the specific requirements of the group.

Ally Wellington-Chapman

Music Tour Coordinator

“I love giving our music groups the chance to travel to places that they otherwise might not get to visit, and to have the opportunity to share their music with audiences all over the world”

Ally is passionate about music and plays piano, clarinet and guitar – she has even fronted the odd band or two! Another linguist, Ally studied French and Spanish at university, and her language skills come in very handy now, allowing her to liaise directly with local suppliers.

After finishing her degree, Ally decided to embark on a career within the school travel industry, and she’s now been specialising in school music tours for over 6 years. Her role as Music Tour Coordinator sees her help group leaders to choose a suitable destination, taking into account their budget and repertoire, etc. She then puts together a quotation and helps them to launch their tour!

Emma Gray

Music Tour Coordinator

“I loved visiting Belgium with one of our music groups recently – it was amazing to watch them perform and see how much effort had gone in to making their performance special – it really gave the group a great sense of achievement”

For Emma, music really is her life, which makes arranging school music tours such a great fit for her. From the age of 12 she’s taken operatic singing lessons and was a member of both her church choir and an operatic choir throughout her teens. And she continues to perform regularly today! A well-established member of the Halsbury team, Emma has been arranging school trips for nearly a decade. She’ll use her experience to work closely with you to put together the perfect tour for your ensemble. She’ll listen carefully to your requirements and will be able to suggest destinations, venues, accommodation and activities that help to make your school music tour the inspirational experience you want it to be.

Simone Temporin

Music Tour Itinerary Coordinator

“The greatest advantage of travel is the opportunities it offers; to discover new cultures, meet new people and visit new places.”

Born in Rome to Venetian parents, Simone is a proud Italian who loves nothing better than visiting the many beautiful cities of his home country. A veritable music enthusiast, Simone loves a diverse range of genres, with jazz, classical and Italian opera featuring heavily in his music collection.

Simone's role allows him to combine his love of Italy with his passion for music, as he specialises in coordinating our Italian music tours. Simone has been with us since 2011, and has, in his time, enjoyed the opportunity to accompany a number of our groups on their trips abroad. A great linguist, Simone speaks his native Italian and English, as well as Spanish, French and Portuguese, and so is able to communicate directly with local venues and concert promoters.